Slide enables web3 apps to serve experiences as easy as web2.

Making web3 effortless.

Making web3 effortless.

Our “user stack” lets web3 apps reach larger audiences within an afternoon while focusing on your core product.

Instant wallet creation

Enable users to create non-custodial wallets within seconds via email or social login. No extensions or seed phrases required.

Accept card payments for NFTs

Your users will buy your NFTs as easily as buying coffee. No need for exchanges or existing crypto.

Fiat friendly

Slide users can go from fiat to crypto and back – without leaving your dApp.

Customizable UI

Slide meshes perfectly with your dApp’s design.

Batched transactions

Turn multiple steps into single transactions for users.


Slide enables web3 experiences without needing gas tokens.

Seamless integration

Add support for Slide in just a few lines of code.